Service Overview

A & U Wawasan renovators provide you with many different types of kitchen cabinets to choose from, using different materials and designs that suit the needs of our customers. An all-time classy look for a kitchen is solid wood. We provide a wide range of colors and wood types for our customers.

Our solid wood cabinets are durable and strong, hence they will save your time and money from replacing them. They can be easily repaired and molded to suit your construction needs, and can fit into many architectural designs.

These cabinets also provide you with the option of repainting or redesigning them, so if your original look gets old, you can always redesign it for a fresher look. Woods from different trees can be chosen by our customers, since A & U Wawasan has a huge quantity of suppliers to choose from. Solid wood kitchen cabinets also give a clean, neutral look for your kitchen.