Service Overview

We at A & U Wawasan also offer our customers the choice of membrane pressed kitchen cabinets. We offer a large range of cabinet designs that can be used in home or professional kitchens alike. The customer can choose between simple design to customized complex designs. We give our customers flexibility in end product design.

The customers can also choose the material and can combine these membrane press cabinets with materials such as thermophile or Kydex etc.the membrane press cabinets appear to be extremely smooth, which makes your kitchen look neat and clean. These cabinets are also easy to clean and can be manufactured in a low cost budget.

We can provide our customers with fully assembled and packed product or the customer can order the products in individual units. If you need a product that differentiates you from the rest, is price efficient and saves both your time and money, then your best choice of manufacturer would be A & U Wawasan.