Kitchen showrooms and designer catalogues are wonders of great illusion and style captchas. At Kitchen Cabinet Services you will find always polished wooden structures, uncluttered items due to separate compartments and cabinets themselves are a work of wonder. They are perfect for you to use. Without any scratch or markers in the surface, no old stickers withered by water sticking around and no point of cramming the dishes due to less space. Our cabinets are painted in magnificent colors which are taken from the top covers of shelter magazines and can support up to 16 feet ceilings and less according to your taste. More often than not our cabinets are offered within built light and gas components to give an extra notch over other products. The swings and edges of cabinets are perfectly polished so when you close them shut or the drawers, there is no annoying thumping or scratching noise heard. This is why it is highly recommended that you get Kitchen Cabinet Services because they will last a lifetime without any hassle on your part.

In our cabinets we use top quality and imported materials. Whether you are looking for wooden structures or metal linings, we are here to look after your needs. Even if you have an avid interest in this business still at the end of the day you will face some confusion about which cabinet to get. The brilliant features offered by Kitchen Cabinet Services are enough for you to easily choose what is best. We offer a base cabinet that is carved and crafted to fine perfection, unassembled and assembled. You are highly encouraged to take a look at our catalogue and make the best possible choices. We are offering guidance to first time buyers. Whatever the problem, we are here with solutions!

Some of the golden features offered with our cabinets are the following and are considered to be essential:

  • A good quality of cabinet does not show any kind of knots on the wooden surface shown at the face. Pieces should be clearly visible from the front. There must not be any kind of irregularity, grainy-ness, pitches, color differences or sanding scars. These are the basic Nos of a good quality kitchen cabinet.
  • There should not be any apparent difference in the surface of drawer. These must be obtained from a single wooden slab to avoid wood scars.
  • The door panels and their flat surface supports should be carved from a uniform design of wood with no difference.
  • It is necessary to ensure similarity of color and no grainy-ness by choosing solid wood.
  • The groove which supports the base of a drawer should be routed with all sides.
  • The joints must be merged at corners from different sides.
  • A half inch is the minimum thickness required for floor and the side panels.


Now you can easily choose which product you want to get. But certainly Kitchen Cabinet Services is offering you a deal which is nonexistent anywhere else. Choose wisely, choose best!